What I believe

I believe in freewill, that is the will of the individual to choose their will for themselves in this life. That requires knowledge to make the best choices and acceptance of the consequences great or small, good or bad for actions taken but I trust that people are capable and believe they should be held responsible for their actions.

I believe that our freedoms are inalienable, that they come from God the creator and not man.  What God has bestowed on each of us is universal and not conditional by man, government of man or will of a majority.

I believe in creationism, that this world and all living beings that fill this this world are all too complex, beautiful, mysterious and perfect to be the result of mere chance or happenstance.  There is too much evidence favoring intelligent design for me to accept otherwise.   That said mankind has crafted a scientific framework that has served us well enough to allow us to make incredible advancements in medicine, mechanics, electronics and physics that have made our lives easier, but leaves us vulnerable to our own paradigms.

I believe that people are born with an inherent desire to be loved, and to love.  People are complex, but we all are curious, seeking satisfaction from our understanding of the world around us and wanting to feel a connection during our lives to our environment, community and society.

I believe we are of and for the earth.  That our creator made it so that all of us are connected to our natural environment in a very physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual way.  We are responsible and each accountable to take care of our earth, treat her with respect and cultivate her to keep her healthy and preserve he natural beauty for posterity.

I believe in divine intervention and inspiration.  That there is a divine purpose for our human existence and that it has been revealed to us and that one of our goals in this life is to accept this through our own reckoning. 

I believe that for all their personal failings (human nature) that our American founding fathers who each endeavored their whole lives to form our most unique form of government did so with divine influence and with the most noble of hearts and critical of minds.  That creationism and divine purpose, the freewill of individuals, and their inalienable, universal rights drove their endeavor.

I believe that America’s history, from founding to current times all our social triumphs, scientific discoveries and technological advancements have not been by accident but by divine design.  That our existence collectively has advanced the world around us, given hope to hopeless and lifted others to the highest levels of health, safety, equality and knowledge than mankind has ever known in the history of earth. 

I also believe that despite our incredible lives and histories we are still human beings and by our nature we are influenced by our egos and desires.  That we will not be perfected of our own will despite our intellect, our governments, our laws and our collective influence.  That happiness comes when we learn that we are not capable of perfection, but that freewill, respect and love are the most perfect things we can offer others. That when we accept that perfection belongs to our creator we will find our greatest peace and happiness and have attained that divine purpose for us.  That we will only see perfection when we transition from the physical earth to the spiritual realm as revealed by God. 

          John C. West